open mouth, insert foot

In ministry, there are really great days. In ministry, there are really hard days. The ups and downs of serving people bring great rewards and also great heart-aches. It just comes with the territory. There are days you want to shout from the mountain tops, and days where you want to crawl into the deepest [...]

before music, the Word

Before music must be the Word. As a worship leader or worship pastor the very first thing that must resonate within your life is the Word. The Word of the Lord. The Gospel. The very hope in which we live. Often times, musicians begin with the music itself, however, when it comes to leading the [...]

new purpose for website

a resource for all things creative for small to mid-sized churches Looking at how the culture in the worship and church indursty has shifted to the larger-sized churches with unlimited resources at their disposal, I have thought through working the website into something that can be used as a resource for small to mid-sized churches [...]

a very clear reminder

As I traveled home last night from our last Wednesday night of the school year, I was hit by the reality of what just took place. For the last time in the 2016-2017 school calendar year, we would say good bye to so many smiling faces and so many different stories. (Our church follows the [...]

gospel conversations at home

Throughout the years we have been taught to go and make disciples of all the nations. Yes, with an emphatic and resounding YES, we need to go and make disciples of every nation, tribe, and people group around the world, however, we can't neglect our own homes while doing so. When we see the Great [...]