gospel conversations at home

Throughout the years we have been taught to go and make disciples of all the nations. Yes, with an emphatic and resounding YES, we need to go and make disciples of every nation, tribe, and people group around the world, however, we can't neglect our own homes while doing so. When we see the Great [...]

why congregational singing is important

When you think of a church gathering, have you ever thought about why there is singing involved? To the outside world, our church gatherings may seem strange. Why in the world would you spend time singing songs about God, songs to God, and songs to build each other up? Why would you spend time singing [...]

not just another day

With the rising of the sun, each day brings new life. Today is not just another Wednesday on the calendar. Today is not just another hump-day to get through. Today is not just a day to countdown until the weekend. Today is a great day! Today is the start of a new day. And with [...]

gospel conversations at work

No matter the profession, no matter where it's located, each and every day we have the opportunity to gain in the knowledge of those around us. We have been created to be relational, and therefore we desire to get to know those around us. Think about it for a moment... The people you work with [...]

musical worship is vital

The Word. Everything revolves around the Word. As believers in Christ, everything that we do should revolve around the Word. Jesus himself claimed to be the Word in John's Gospel account. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. he was in the beginning with God. [...]


Today is the day in which we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and what he stood for in the midst of great trials and in the face of racism. Today, we celebrate not the man but the message in which Dr. King promoted and spoke so eloquently about. Today we celebrate the message of [...]

start to a new year

The start of a new year brings about many different thoughts and ideas for the coming days with the idea of being able to do some new things to make this the best year yet. We think of resolutions or plans that we want to accomplish in the new year and have big dreams and [...]